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Naim islam
Jul 16, 2022
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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and several cabinet officials greeted him at the Prime Minister's residence and watched the hearse leave. Afterwards, the hearse passed through the National Assembly Hall, and several members of Congress were present to greet the hearse. Analysis: Farewell to "Abe-san" BBC Japan correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes This was originally just a private funeral, only for family members and close friends, but a large number of Japanese people still took to the streets, laying flowers to pay tribute to Shinzo Illustrator Artwork Abe. Since early in the morning, people have been lining up outside Tokyo's Zojoji Temple, taking turns to lay flowers on the flower table. There will be thunderstorms in the forecast that day, but this does not affect the will of the people. As the funeral proceeds, more and more people gather on the streets. By 2:30 p.m. local time, thousands of people had gathered near Nagata-cho, Tokyo, where the National Assembly Hall and the Prime Minister's Residence are located. hearse Photo Credit: Reuters / BBC News Akie Abe sits in the front seat of the hearse with a tablet in hand I was standing in the crowd outside the Prime Minister's residence. When Shinzo Abe's hearse was driving towards this direction, the crowd suddenly fell silent, and the only sound I could hear was the helicopter hovering overhead and broadcasting the broadcast. Abe Shinzo's widow, Abe Akie, sat in the front seat of the hearse, holding a tablet. Accompanying her husband on the last ride, the people present folded their hands and bowed to the hearse. Suddenly, the people behind me began to cry, and there were people standing beside me. He shouted, "Abe-san, thank you.
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Naim islam

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